That's me on the left. I got into design after a childhood of making graphics for my neopets webpages and developing fan sites for my favorite video games. It didn't occur to me until it was time to apply to colleges that I could study my hobby formally or that there were actual paying jobs in the field. I studied Interactive Multimedia, the perfect fusion of design and technology, and the program has left me with an unremitting desire to create.

I believe that learning never ends and I'm always hungry for knowledge. I believe in staying humble, grateful, and curious. I believe it's important to give back a portion of my time and seek to volunteer and do pro-bono work for important causes. I believe in protecting the earth and wish everyone would stop using so much plastic

I like woodworking, turtles, ceramics, vermiculture (worm composting), plants, rainy days, the color yellow, podcasts, strategy board games, and pandas.

Here's some cool stuff I've made!