Hey there

My name is Kerrin, and I’m a designer.

But not just a designer. I’m also a tinkerer, a technologist, a programmer, a life long learner, and a maker.

I’m a lover of board games, podcasts, and thoughtful conversation. I am humble yet confident, unapologetically enthusiastic, and very excited about the prospect of leaving my small dent in the universe.

I have a multidisciplinary user experience design background meaning I have skills in....

  • Interaction Design: Sitemapping, Wireframes, User Flows, Usability Testing, Prototyping
  • Visual Design: Interface Design, Branding, Motion Graphics, Illustration
  • User Research: User Interviews, Personas
  • Web Development: HTML, CSS, SASS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL
  • Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Sketch, Invision, Framer, Proto.io

Scroll on down to see my work..

Featured Work

Shelf Life: A Food Tracking Platform

My senior thesis project, an app and physical product that work together to keep track of your food. An exploration in visual design, UX, and physical computing.

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Elevate: A Platform for English Learners

Elevate is a platform that helps students learning English with spelling, pronunciation and reading. This redesign replaced an outdated interface with a more modern look, designed to increase the platform’s effectiveness.

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Mango Health Redesign

Mango Health seeks to help medication takers be more informed and stick to a schedule. But they were missing an important feature.

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Other Work

Interaction Design

Brand Design



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